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Related to compiling: Cross compiling. To gather into a single book. To put together or compose from materials gathered from several sources: compile an encyclopedia. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

To anyone but myself, who had a great love for the sea, the hours would have seemed long and monotonous; but the daily walks on the platform, when I steeped myself in the reviving air of the ocean, the sight of the rich waters through the windows of the saloon, the books in the library, the compiling of my memoirs, took up all my time, and left me not a moment of ennui or weariness.

View in context. And its utility has become so apparent, that persons who, in compiling the Constitution, were violent opposers of it, have from experience become its declared admirers. The night was cold and still; the family had all retired to rest but Villefort, who alone remained up, and worked till five o'clock in the morning, reviewing the last interrogatories made the night before by the examining magistrates, compiling the depositions of the witnesses, and putting the finishing stroke to the deed of accusation, which was one of the most energetic and best conceived of any he had yet delivered.

You hear how pitilessly many ladies of seeming rank and wealth are excluded from this "society. Emerhor not compiling list, Ijaw APC leaders reply aggrieved aspirants.

Aside from compiling glossaries and vocabularies, some of our scholars have carried out research on Urdu's dialects, regional varieties and informal usages peculiar to some other areas such as Rajasthan, Poona, Lahore, Mumbai known as Bambaiyya Urdu and Kolkata called Kalkatya Urdu.

Urdu's dialects and regional varieties: a brief survey of works on their glossaries. The practice of compiling names of drug suspects under the Duetere administration is 'very similar' to what the Nazis did to Jews in Germany, arbitrarily arresting them and putting them in concentration camps.

Lawyer likens drug war regime to Nazi rule in Germany.

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SEVENTY- seven- year- old Sudhir Vaidya, the doyen of cricket statistics, is going to share all his rich experience of compiling figures with a select group of statisticians at a first- of- its- kind workshop to be held on Thursday and Friday in Nagpur.

BCCI now decides to encourage statisticians. Hassan Pooypooy, the Secretary of Nanotechnology Standardization Committee, pointed to the Committee's activities at national and international levels, and stated, "The Committee has so far compiled 10 national standards in the field of nanotechnology, and it is currently compiling seven other national standards. He told that FBR was compiling such data to know that who are really deserving and how much facility and benefit has been availed by them given exemption under the law and whether they further deserve or need withdrawal.Compiling is the process of transforming a high level language into a low level langauge.

A high level langauge is closer to English.


A low level language is closer to what the computer understands. Compiling is the transformation from Source Code human readable into machine code computer executable. A compiler is a program. A compiler takes the recipe code for a new program written in a high level language and transforms this Code into a new language Machine Language that can be understood by the computer itself. This "machine language" is difficult to impossible for humans to read and understand much less debug and maintainthus the need for "high level languages" such as C.

The compiler also ensures that your program is TYPE correct. For example, you are not allowed to assign a string to an integer variable! The compiler also ensures that your program is syntactically correct.

This command can be written at the Linux command window, or can be typed in using emac's compile command. Compilers provide many options and settings that you can use depending on what properties you want the compiled program to have e. These have to do with optimizations, specific computer architectures, etc There are many compilers for C, but we will focus on a free open source version called the Gnu C compiler.

It will run under Linux or Windows. The most recent version of the compiler can be found here: Gnu Web Page. Compiling Compiling is the process of transforming a high level language into a low level langauge. Compiling a C Program Compiling is the transformation from Source Code human readable into machine code computer executable. The compiler does not ensure that your program is logically correct. C This command can be written at the Linux command window, or can be typed in using emac's compile command Parts of the Compile Command Syntax Compilers provide many options and settings that you can use depending on what properties you want the compiled program to have e.

The most recent version of the compiler can be found here: Gnu Web Page Additional documentation on the compiler is available at this location as well.Winnowing down countless artifacts to compile A History of New York in Objects was challenging enough.

One spokesperson even worked late into the night to compile statistics related to Peace Corps safety. If I was Gchatting with Chinese dissidents, the state could compile evidence for a political trial. He did not write according to copy, nor compile from commonplace books.


At the end of the play the "learned men" are made to compile a dialogue "in praise of the owl and the cuckoo. I shall only try to compile an ensemble of concise and very precise notions and statements bearing upon this vast subject. He had hoped to compile a digest of English law, but found it more than he could do alone, and had laid it aside.

For the reasons which induced Cassiodorus to compile the two books of Formulae, see his Preface translated, p. Advertisement top definitions quizzes related content examples explore dictionary british compile. Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6—12 to find out! Words related to compile cullamassorganizeeditgleangathercollectcomposeassemblearrangeconsolidategroupmusterabridgeuniterecapitulateconcentratecollatecongregategarner.

Example sentences from the Web for compile Winnowing down countless artifacts to compile A History of New York in Objects was challenging enough. William Shakespeare John Masefield. The French Impressionists Camille Mauclair. Bacon Richard William Church. Test Your Word IQ! Play Now.Add compile to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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Tell us about this example sentence:. This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content.

Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C1 to collect information from different places and arrange it in a bookreportor list :. We're compiling some facts and figures for a documentary on the subject.

It took years to compile the dictionary. They have compiled a directory of services for children. She compiled a list of all the wine producers in the region.


Collecting and amassing. Credit bureaus collect and compile information about consumer creditworthiness from banksother creditorsand from public records.I have not the present means of complying with such a demand, if I had ever so great an inclination. On the subject of complying with this request there was a great debate in the Carthaginian senate.

Advertisement complying [ k uh m- plahy ]. Synonyms for complying acquiesce adhere to give in give up obey observe quit satisfy submit accede accord defer discharge ditto fold fulfill keep mind perform respect yield agree to cave in come around conform to consent to cry uncle don't make waves don't rock the boat fit in give out go along with go with the flow knuckle to knuckle under play ball play the game put out roll over and play dead shape up stay in line straighten up throw in towel toss it in yes one MOST RELEVANT.

Most willingly, Sir Jairvis; and I know he'll be any thing but backward in complying. Yesterday, on Cairnhope Peak, she was passive, but soft and complying.

Did he honor his Father's law by complying with it, or did he not? Silius hesitated for a time about complying with these proposals. In this instance there will be no difficulty in complying with the request. Pestilence can only be avoided by complying with these regulations. Test Your Word IQ! Play Now.To save this word, you'll need to log in.

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She compiled a list of names. They took the best submissions and compiled them in a single issue of the magazine. We compiled our findings in the report.

See More Recent Examples on the Web In the March 3 primary, Democratic voters under 40 outnumbered younger Republicans by four to one, according to statistics compiled by J. Michael Bitzer of Catawba College. John the Divine to become a field hospital," 7 Apr.

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Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of compile. Keep scrolling for more.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! He was officially entrusted in with the task of compiling a history of Geneva from the earliest times.

It was at the end of the 7th century and among the Anglo-Saxons that the compiling of these Annals was first begun. There are a few key points to keep in mind while compiling a list of ideas.

Mahmud now definitely selected him for the work of compiling and versifying the ancient legends, and bestowed upon him such marks of his favour and munificence as to elicit from the poet an enthusiastic panegyric, which is inserted in the preface of the Shahnama, and forms a curious contrast to the bitter satire which he subsequently prefixed to the book.

One important analogy exists for the way in which our author would handle any written sources he may have had by him, namely, the manner in which he uses Mark's Gospel narrative in compiling his own Gospel. This university was founded in and the university of Buenos Aires inbut although Bonpland and some other European scientists were members of the faculty of Buenos Aires in its early years, neither there nor at Cordoba was any marked attention given to the natural sciences until President Sarmiento official term, initiated scientific instruction at the university of Cordoba under the eminent German naturalist, Dr Hermann Burmeisterand founded the National Observatory at Cordoba and placed it under the direction of ' There are two distinct statistical offices compiling immigration returns and their totals do not agree, owing in part to the traffic between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

From to S Moratin lived in Italy and France, compiling a work on the early Spanish drama Origenes del teatro espanol. He ought not to be satisfied with compiling his map from existing maps, but should subject each explorer's account to an independent examination, when he will frequently find that either the explorer himself, or the draughtsman employed by him, has failed to introduce into his map the whole of the information available.

Ptolemy, who had access to the treasures of the famous library of Alexandria was able, no doubt, to utilize these cadastral plans when compiling his geography.

In compiling his map he was able to avail himself of the information obtained by the bematists surveyors who determined distances by pacing who accompanied Alexander the Great on his campaigns; of the results of the voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the Euphrates, and of the " Periplus " of Scylax of Caryanda, which described the coast from between India and the head of the Arabian Gulf. He moreover accuses Eratosthenes, whose determination of a degree he accepts without hesitation with trusting too much to hypothesis in compiling his map instead of having recourse to latitudes and longitudes deduced by astronomical observations.

For thirty-six years Creevey had kept a "copious diary," and had preserved a vast miscellaneous correspondence with such people as Lord Brougham, and his step-daughter, Elizabeth Ord, had assisted him, by keeping his letters to her, in compiling material avowedly for a collection of Creevey Papers in the future.

Thus he was instrumental in compiling a new prayer-book, which he designed as the "American Rite" Minhag America. After the pontificate of Publius, the practice of compiling annals was carried on by various unofficial writers, of whom Cicero names Cato, Pictor and Piso. In his fight with poverty he was put to strange shifts, becoming cellarman at a tavern and clerk to a lawyer, reciting and singing at a small theatre, and compiling a collection of common songs.

John Wesley made great use of it in compiling his Expository Notes upon the New Testament Besides the two works already described, Bengel was the editor or author of many others, classical, patristic, ecclesiastical and expository. The statistical work includes compiling abstracts, memoranda, tables and charts relating to the trade and industrial conditions of the United Kingdom, the colonies and foreign countries, the supervision of the trade accounts, the preparation of monthly and annual accounts of shipping and navigation, statistics as to labour, cotton, emigration and foreign and colonial customs, tariffs and regulations.

The educational department has done good work in compiling volumes of prose and verse which have found much favour with the public. All the laws, edicts and regulations at present in force are to be had in print at popular prices.

Not long, probably, after the fall of the northern kingdom in B. It was a very short step to the compiling of a similar list for the New Covenant, which by another very short step becomes the New Testament, by the side of the Old Testament. Schroeter and published without supervision by any Tibetan scholar; and Csoma was unaware of its existence when compiling his dictionary.

He had a principal share in compiling the statutes of the university, which passed the great seal on the 25th of Septemberand in November following he was chosen vice-chancellor. The inference is that, shortly after the compiling of this Alfredian chronicle, a copy of it was sent to some northern monastery, probably Ripon, where it was expanded in the way indicated.

The history, which had an apologetic aim, is no longer extant, but copious extracts from it are to be found in the Chronicon of Eusebius, who used it extensively in compiling the early episcopal lists. Meanwhile he did much editing and compilingand produced, among other works in prose, The Stranger in LowellSupernaturalism in New EnglandLeaves from Margaret Smith's Journala pleasing treatment in old-style English of an early Colonial theme. His first work was directed to the restoration of the old Italian dialects, and the French government, which at one time proposed to undertake the task of compiling a complete collection of all extant Roman inscriptions, asked for his co-operation.

In this report, the compiling of which presented great difficulties in the absence of official returns, are included I the direct trade between Ireland and all countries outside of Great Britain, 2 the indirect trade of Ireland with those same countries via Great Britain, and 3 the local trade between Ireland and Great Britain. Tycho Brahe, when compiling his catalogue of stars, was unable to observe Lupus, Ara, Corona australis and Piscis australis, on account of the latitude of Uranienburg; and hence these constellations are omitted from his catalogue.

De La Grange has done us a service by compiling a very detailed but largely chronological history of the events of Mahler's life. A lot of time has been spent modifying and compiling the ozone climatology it will be 10 years long -- perhaps 15 years? Thanks for all your work in compiling this fascinating compendium which has shaken the cobwebs out of my media memory. The society is currently compiling a full discography of Sam Browne.

At the moment fop ' s memory consumption forbids compiling cookbooks with more than a couple of hundred recipes even on recent computers.

It would not help senior officers ' careers if they were to speak out about the glaring gaps in the Government's compiling methods. Peter Garwood is compiling a glossary of archaic words and phrases useful for genealogical research in Scotland.

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